TV: Late Bloomers

Joy shot a recurring role in the pilot for Late Bloomers, created by Danielle Bisutti and Amber Henley

From IMDb: Two "still single" career women in their late thirties seek refuge in the world of online dating with their biological clocks ticking and life choices in question. Fallen behind the curve of girlfriends who are now married with kids, they continue chasing the fairy tale of "having it all", while navigating their complicated lives in Los Angeles.

Late Bloomers also features Rachel Cannon, Greg Proops, Jonathan Slavin, Spencer Garrett, and Roberta Valderrama.

Joy Osmanski

<p>Living in Downtown Los Angeles with my love Corey</p> <p>Actor / Writer / Photographer / Mama to Soon / Stepmama to C jr / walker of Arlo</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>